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Summary in English

Welcome to this website, and thank you for your interest.

This website is in Danish language, and shows the activities of Rosenlund Kurser.

We are offering:
- Workshops and one and two years training in Nonviolent Communication.
- Summercamps for families.
- Workshops and training with Marshall Rosenberg in Denmark.
- Training and consultancy in conflict resolution, management and personal development.
- Counselling to individuals, couples and families.

Several of these workshops are with English translation

The teachers of Rosenlund Kurser:

Karsten Schacht-Petersen is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. He is also trained in conflict resoloution and supervision. Karsten owns the workshop-place "Rosenlund Kurser"

Kirsten Kristensen is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She is a family therapist, mediator and supervisor. Kirsten owns Rosenlund Forlag and publish NVC books. Kirsten is also chairman of the association for Lifeenriching Communication.

We speaks English, so dont hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help.
We offer trainings internationally, and have been giving workshops/speaches in Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Moldova, Netherlands, Germany, and U.S.A. We speaks English and some German, and are experienced to work with translator. We enjoy to give workshops abroad, and can recommend ourselves as persons with a lot of experience and skills!

We can see from our statistics of visitors on this site, that it is often visited from other countries than Denmark. It will help us a lot if you send us an email telling what you are searching for, and how we could meet your need for information. Please do - Thank you!

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You can get more information about Nonviolent Communication in English on the
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